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PVD Coating Equipment

HEF USA is the world leader in the research, development and customization of high-performance physical vapor deposition equipment and coatings. HEF systems are engineered specifically for the application of tribological and hard coatings in production volumes. Our physical vapor deposition equipment provides exceptionally uniform deposits of single and multiple layers, and alloys.

Features and benefits of HEF physical vapor deposition equipment, using proprietary CAM and PEMS technology, include:

Tribology Equipment

PVD coating equipment from HEF comes in a diverse range of sizes and physical configurations to suit a wide range of needs. Since HEF has chosen to focus primarily on automotive and industrial components where large volumes are not uncommon, recent development work has focused on developing large batch size PVD machines and in-line, modular and high-productivity PVD machines. Process development has also focused high throughput rates from these machines. Fast pump-down & heat-up times, high deposition rates, fast cool-down times, innovative fixture designs are all contribute towards condenses cycle times and hence to higher productivity. In addition, HEF has also demonstrated the capability to handle large volumes of automotive parts using specially designed robotics; pre and post-coat surface finishing capability and a robust quality management system, including TS 16949.

In-line, modular, high-productivity PVD machine

In-line, modular, high-productivity PVD machine