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TECHNIQUES SURFACES USA is a provider of three advanced liquid / salt bath nitriding treatments: Arcor, Melonite and QPQ. These ferritic nitrocarburizing processes are the world’s most effective and proven alternatives for the uniform case hardening of ferrous metals.

Surface treatment solutions

Arcor, Melonite and QPQ each provide a unique combination of abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, corrosion protection, and fatigue strength, while maintaining dimensional stability. TECHNIQUES SURFACES USA can help you evaluate what each of these processes can do for your applications, and arrange for test processing.

Currently, TECHNIQUES SURFACES USA operates a Liquid Nitriding facility in Kearney, Nebraska focused on large volume automotive components. This ISO/TS-16949 approved facility operates as a lean operation with a high degree of process monitoring and product traceability capabilities.

Surface Engineering Equipment

TECHNIQUES SURFACES USA is also a provider of commercial PVD processing. When super-hard, low-friction and high load-bearing thin film coatings are needed; PVD coatings and equipment from HEF USA are the solution. Reliable, environmentally-friendly and versatile, our advanced thin film coating technology represents a major development in surface engineering. PVD thin film coating systems are ideal for a broad range of components used in aerospace; automotive components; mechanical components used in industrial machinery and equipment; tooling applications — for cutting, forming & stamping, plastics and rubber molding, die-casting; medical instruments & devices and diverse decorative applications.

Surface Engineering equip

TECHNIQUES SURFACES USA offers specialized expertise in the commercial application of PVD coatings on metal, glass, plastics and ceramics. Besides hard, wear-resistant, low-friction functional coatings, TECHNIQUES SURFACES also provides PROCEM® high-conductivity PVD coatings for electro-magnetic shielding. Typical applications include telecommunication equipment, aerospace and military hardware, electronic instruments, high-conductivity contacts, electrical components etc.

TECHNIQUES SURFACES USA PVD specialists welcome the opportunity to work with you in the development of PVD coatings – in terms of composition and structure – that meets the field performance needs of your specific application.

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Future plans include the establishment of a network of CLIN / Salt Bath Nitriding and PVD facilities located in strategic locations across the US, either as independent ventures or JVs with existing or new licensees.

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