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HEF Group

The HEF Group, based in France, has been a global leader in the science of tribology (wear & friction) for more than 50 years. Established as a research and development company, HEF subsequently applied its knowledge and experience to develop surface engineering solutions for improving the performance of industrial and automotive components.

Today, HEF is active in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, engaged in providing:

  • Liquid Nitriding / Salt Bath Nitriding (SBN) services and PVD/DLC coating services through our TECHINQUES SURFACES global network
  • Engineered Bushings for demanding industrial applications
  • Tribology testing services
  • Technology transfer: Process equipment & consumables; technology licensing

Techniques Surfaces: A Global Network
of Liquid Nitriding & PVD Coating Facilities

Techniques Surfaces: A Global Network <br />of Liquid Nitriding & PVD Coating Facilities



Liquid Nitriding

  • Thermochemical treatments that diffuse nitrogen into steel surfaces, to form wear and corrosion resistant nitride compounds

PVD / DLC Coatings

  • Low friction, wear-resistant hard coatings
  • Coatings for EM shielding, IR filtering etc.

Misc. Surface Treatments

  • Teflon and industrial polymers
  • Phosphating

Friction Components

  • Engineered Bushings for demanding applications
  • Shafts, slides and other wear components

Tribology Testing / R&D

  • Wear & Friction expertise
  • Component level tribology testing

Technology Transfer

  • Process Equipment & Consumables
  • Technology Licensing
  • Engineering Support