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Tribology Testing Capabilities

HEF's Surface Mechanics and Tribology Team perform tribology studies for industry & academic institutions worldwide. Our innovative solutions and expertise include the following:

  • Assist in the design and development of new products and improvement of existing processes or products (performance or service life enhancement, improvement of system productivity)
  • Optimization of materials, products, lubrication and maintenance
  • Solutions to mechanical problems such as seizure, wear or excessive noise
  • Tribology expertise in areas such as:
    • Tribology of plain bearings (boundary lubrication, high load and/or low speed)
    • Friction in poorly lubricating mediums (water, gas)
    • Dry or boundary lubrication, including materials for dry sliding (polymers, organic films)
    • High temperature friction
    • Tribology & mechanical behavior characterization of thin-film coatings