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Miscellaneous Surface Treatments

HEF in the US offers a diverse range of other surface treatment and coatings to supplement our primary Liquid Nitriding and PVD/DLC technologies.

Our Tech Nickel facility in Benton Harbor, MI offers the following options:

Electroless Nickel Plating: The facility is equipped to handle parts that are 9 ft. long and weigh as much as 4,000 lbs. each. This size capability makes it one of the largest EN plating facilities in the Midwest.

  • 8-11% Phosphorus Nickel
  • Hardness 48-52 HRc
  • Maximum hardness 60-65 HRc
  • Plating range 0.0002" to 0.003" per side
  • Meets AMS 2404 specifications
  • Meets ASTM B733 specifications
  • Meets Mil-C-26074 specification

Hard Chrome Electroplating: The facility can handle parts that are 54" long and 6 ft. in diameter and weight as much as 1,000 lbs. each.

  • Meets AMS 2460 specifications
  • Meets AMS QQ-C-320 specifications

Nickel-Chrome Plating: Ni-chrome coatings consist of an electroless nickel plating with a precision hard-chrome overlay, providing maximum wear and corrosion resistance on metallic surfaces to ensure precise quality and ultimate performance.

Anti-Weld Spatter treatment: Tech-Kote is a thermo-chemical treatment for ferrous metals which improves resistance to weld spatter.

Anti-Weld Spatter treatment

Additional benefits include:

  • Spatter wipes away easily
  • Increased surface hardness for wear resistance and durability
  • Little or no dimensional change
  • Plating range 0.0002" to 0.003" per side
  • Matte black color
  • Metal treatment - not a coating or a spray-on chemical

Our CALICO JV facility in Denver, NC offers the following options:

PTFE Coatings: Available in several colors, these non-stick oil-shedding coatings for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel substrates assist in returning lubricating oil back to the reservoir. Doing so reduces parasitic drag or windage on rotating assemblies. PTFE coatings with a polyamide-imide binder reduce sticking tendency and provide a tough, durable film for dry lubrication and good abrasion resistance.

PTFE Coatings

PFA Coatings: This black, non-stick coating offers high temperature resistance, excellent mold release and is capable of conforming to complex shapes with thick or thin films. The coating was developed for industrial/medical processing, chemical handling and commercial cookware applications. FDA conformance is determined by choice of primer.

PFA Coatings

FEP Coating: Non-stick coatings with a polyamide-imide binder are used on aluminum, steel and stainless steel substrates to reduce sticking tendency and provide a tough, durable film for dry lubrication and abrasion resistance. FEP Coatings are used as premium mold release coatings for industrial applications. Some FEP Coatings are FDA compliant.

FEP Coating

Manganese Phosphate: Black Manganese Phosphate, also known as Parkerizing, is a process that reduces friction and resists corrosion. Phosphate produces a fine, dense crystalline coating on ferrous metal substrates. This reduces wear, and facilitates break-in of surfaces; it can be applied to virtually any ferrous metal component. It is especially effective in reducing running-in wear of sliding parts, galling and scoring and has optimum torque-tension properties.

Manganese Phosphate

Ceramic Coating: These non-stick, heat-dissipating coatings use extremely fine particles with excellent thermally conductive properties. Designed to protect steel, stainless steel and non-metallic substrates, they can withstand temperatures of 1650° F without flaking from the substrate. They maintain excellent adhesion properties through repeated thermal cycling while providing corrosion resistant characteristics to most - and no reaction to repeated thermal shock.

Ceramic Coating

Dry Film Lubricant: These coatings provide increased lubricity, have a low coefficient of friction and reduce abrasive, corrosive wear. They are not affected by dust or dirt and were specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of today’s high performance engines with increased embedability, strength and durability.

Dry Film Lubricant

Anti-Scuff Coating: Used in combination with a lubricating oil, grease or paste, this Dry Film Lubricant coating reduces scuffing, friction and adhesive wear. It provides intermittent dry lubrication, is not affected by dust or dirt, has a low coefficient of friction, increased load carrying capacity, chemical resistance and corrosion protection properties.

Anti-Scuff Coating

Super-Finishing: This unique surface finishing technology combines chemical and mechanical processes to remove microscopic peaks and component stresses by eliminating stress risers generated during machining operations. A minimal amount of material removal (0.0003”) leaves an isotropic or uniform surface finish of less than 1 micro-inch.


Additional Surface Treatment

SULF BT® is a low temperature electrolytic sulfurizing treatment which provides excellent resistance to seizure, scuffing and wear, without the loss of mechanical properties. It is ideally suited for components which have been carburized, or hardened and tempered.

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