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Liquid Nitriding / Salt Bath Nitriding
Applications & Industries

Industries where Liquid Nitriding applications are prevalent:

CLIN Applications for Automotive
CLIN Applications for Industrial Precision Components
Industrial Precision Components
CLIN Applications for Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction Equipment
  • Armaments
  • Power Generation
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Industrial Tooling
  • Transportation

CLIN Applications:

  • Substitution for hard chrome plating; nickel, cadmium & zinc plating; replacement of carbonitriding.
  • Replacement of stainless steel by less expensive CLIN treated steel.
  • Hydraulic components:
    • Ball & gate valves, piston rods, manifolds, shock absorbers, hydraulic jacks, tubes
  • Automotive components:
    • Ball pins, brake rotors, caliper pistons, camshafts, clutch discs, crankshafts, cylinders, differential carriers, door stop cams, drive shafts, gears, gear box actuators, hubs, latches, piston wrist pins, rocker arms, starter motor shafts, steering jacks and pinions, turbo charger forks, engine valves, wiper system output shafts.
  • Mechanical components:
    • Fasteners, pins, shafts, pulleys, slides, spindles, yokes, seals.
  • Articulating surfaces
    • Shafts, Seals, Sleeve Bushings, Bearings
  • Tools
    • Dies, forging tools, forming tools, injection molds, extrusion tools.