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MELONITE, and its synonymous trade-name, Tufftride (or Tenifer), is a relatively straight-forward, flexible process to operate and maintain, and produces exceptionally uniform case hardening. The MELONITE process begins with the placement of parts in a re-circulating air preheat furnace, followed by immersion for 60-240 minutes in a molten nitrogen-rich salt solution contained in an aerated furnace. After nitriding, parts are treated in an oxidizing bath, water-cooled and rinsed.

An alternative series of post-nitriding steps involves a Quench-Polish-Quench (QPQ) sequence after liquid nitriding. For many applications, this finishing process provides a surface condition that protects against corrosion and wear better than hard chrome or nickel plating.

How Melonite Works: Treatment Cycle

CLIN: Arcor Treatment Cycle

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