Thin Film Deposition for Pins & Friction Components

COD 11 corrosion-resistant bushings

To complement the diverse range of bushings and to offer the maximum articulation efficiency, HEF DURFERRIT has thus developed a range of shafts, sleeves and washers to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions with superior performance.

As a solution provider in the field of tribology, our experts design and solve performance problems thanks to their knowledge of surface treatment, material selection and contact lubrication.

Several pins dedicated for extreme applications could be recommended when using HEF bushings. PEL OX, PEL OXC, PEL® STC, FAM® OX or ST.

They combine high core hardness (> 850 MPa) and surface treatments which provide optimum properties to withstand wear & fretting corrosion and are designed with ease of pin disassembly in mind. Special polymer coatings or varnishes could improve the friction properties too.