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Carburized / Hardened Steel Bushings

Carburized / hardened steel bushings

Hardened steel bushings are excellent for low speed / high load, or pivot applications. These hardened steel bushings are commonly used to protect a housing from premature wear caused by friction with a pin.

They are manufactured with high carbon steel and thru-hardened to 56-62 HRC. Hardened steel sleeve bearings require daily or maximum weekly greasing.

HEF Hardened steel bushings are designed according to customer need with different kind of internal grooves providing lubricant distribution and facilitating abrasive particles removal. Flanged bushing or washer could be produced with the same technology.

They are supplied in diameters up to 400 mm (15").

    Dyn. Load
Max Speed (m/s) Max Temp (°C) Abrasion
Carburized / hardened steel   100 0.5 +200°C +++ + - -
Advantages: Applications:
  • Resistance to wear
  • Low cost
  • High load capacity
  • All sectors ( common use )
  • Earth mowing equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • General purpose industrial equipment