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CERTESS ® DDT Physical Vapor Deposition PVD Coating

CERTESS DDT is an excellent coating for precision automotive & mechanical components.

CERTESS DDT is a lubricious multilayer coating applied by a combination of PVD and PECVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition), utilizing HEF's proprietary CAM technology. The under-layer of tungsten carbide is dense and composed of nano-scaled grains. The carbon-hydrogen based outer layer is amorphous, dense, and chemically inert. The layers are deposited with no significant effect on surface geometry or part dimensions.

CERTESS DDT films are tribological coatings that are well suited for mechanical components that encounter abrasive wear and high degrees of kinetic friction, such as bearings, pumps, gears, compressors, and heavily loaded contact points as found in automotive valve train and injection components. Temperature resistance is up to 350°C. Deposited films are 2 to 4 μm, tailored to the application; hardness ranges from 2500 to 3200 HV and Young's modulus in the range of 190-200 GPa.