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CERTESS® T Titanium Aluminum Nitride

CERTESS®T Titanium Aluminum Nitride Coating

CERTESS T is an exceptionally high hardness PVD coating, with a broad range of applications.

CERTESS T Titanium Aluminum Nitride TiAlN coating is a dense PVD film, with nano-scaled grains. Typically deposited films are 1 to 5 μm thick, depending on use; hardness is at the high end for PVD coatings: 3000 HV.

CERTESS T coating provides temperature resistance up to 800°C. Like most HEF PVD coatings, this coating is chemically inert and produces no significant change in part dimensions or surface geometry. Deposition temperatures are typically between 300-450°C, depending on the substrate.

CERTESS T is most beneficial for cutting tools and other applications that demand exceptional abrasive wear performance at high working temperatures. It can be applied to a wide range of metals and alloys that contain little or no zinc, magnesium or lead.