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CERTESS® Ti Titanium Nitride

CERTESS ® Ti Titanium Nitride Coating

CERTESS Ti is a low cost physical vapor deposition PVD coating for general purpose tooling applications.

CERTESS Ti Titanium Nitride ceramic coating is a dense PVD film, with nano-scaled grains. Typical deposited films are 2 to 6 μm, depending on the application; hardness is 2700 HV.

CERTESS Ti Titanium Nitride coating provides temperature resistance up to 500°C. Deposition temperatures range from 250 to 450°C. As with most HEF coatings, CERTESS Ti is chemically inert and produces no significant change in part dimensions or surface geometry.

Applications that benefit most from CERTESS Ti PVD coating are low-end cutting & forming tools and mechanical parts that require moderate levels of long-term abrasive wear resistance. This coating is also commonly used for decorative applications in door hardware, plumbing etc. Compatible substrates include metals and alloys that contain zero, or only small quantities of zinc, magnesium or lead.