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Liquid Nitriding (Salt Bath Nitriding) FAQ

Liquid Nitriding Pricing, Delivery & TS USA Capabilities

  1. How is LN treatment priced? Per pound? Per unit? Per batch?

    Liquid Nitriding furnaces come in various sizes, so pricing starts by first determining the maximum number of pieces that can be treated at one time. Operational cost for a full load, divided by the quantity or weight of a full load of nitrided components will determine price which is quoted either in $/unit or $/lb. If less than a full load is treated, the total price based upon $/unit or $/lb is compared with the minimum lot charge, and the greater of the two is applied.

  2. What factors determine the price for LN treatment?

    The key determinants are: (a) quantity of parts per batch – this is a function of the size, weight, and shape of the parts; (b) labor content involved in fixturing and handling the parts; (c) nitriding time - which depends upon the specified compound layer depth; (d) ancillary steps like polishing, impregnation and re-oxidation; (e) complexity of the component, in terms of blind holes etc. - this adds to the time involved in cleaning the parts after processing; and (f) certifications required and the tightness of the specification range to be achieved.

  3. How does LN treatment price compare to gas or plasma nitriding? Nickel Plating? PVD coatings? Thermal Spray?

    Liquid Nitriding is normally less expensive than most of treatments mentioned above. PVD coatings are usually not considered directly competitive with LN applications, and are usually more expensive. Depending on volumes and batch sizes, Liquid Nitriding is priced competitively with respect to gas nitriding.

  4. What is the largest part size that TS USA can treat in terms of dimensions and weight?

    The maximum part size that can be effectively (full submersion of the part in the nitriding media) treated by TS USA is approximately 37 x 96 inches long, and 4,000 lbs. Parts up to 180 inches long can be processed at our Chattanooga, TN facility by nitriding both ends of the part in two separate batches and allowing for an overlap nitriding zone somewhere along the length of the component.

  5. What are the typical turnaround times provided by TS USA for Liquid Nitriding treatment?

    Typically, parts are shipped back five (5) to seven (7) working days after receiving them for treatment at TS USA. Expedited deliveries are possible, if pre-arranged.

  6. What does TS USA offer in terms of Liquid Nitriding treatments that are not offered by the other service providers of this technology?

    TS USA offers a variety of proprietary ARCOR® treatments, which are exclusive versions of Liquid Nitriding especially formulated to improve corrosion resistance, treatment temperature flexibility, uniformity and case depth. Other LN service providers cannot offer anything similar. TS USA also offers post-nitriding impregnation options using especially formulated oils and polymers. In addition TS USA has the capability of nitriding very large size components, as indicated above. TS USA is part of HEF Group’s global network of 50+ global facilities that offer a diverse range of surface treatment options, including PVD coatings, for wear, friction & corrosion reduction. HEF Group is the only nitriding company with a global reach across 20+ countries. Hence, the same ARCOR® nitriding process can be provided to customers with global operations.

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